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It doesn't matter how big your company is: if you've got a network with NetWare servers, our tools will for sure make things better. From global banks to small law practices to manufacturing firms, as a network administrator of companies of every size you can simplify your life with our tools.
(BTW - these tools are also internally used by Novell and highly appreciated by Novell technical engineers.)


RC.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which acts on system console as a file commander. It allows to copy, move, delete, rename files or directories, find and salvage existing or deleted files, purge deleted files. It also allows to view or edit files, it provides volume/directory statistics, it shows BINDERY or NDS objects and their properties/attributes.


NETMON.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which acts on the server console and monitors network traffic on a given network interface card. It also allows to capture and analyze packets on a given server's network interface directly from server console.


PWDCHECK.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which allows administrators to test password strength from the system console. It also demonstrates how easily can be weak passwords broken with computational performance of the latest PC hardware (P4/2GHz+). This is an indispensable tool for those who take server security and user safety seriously.